My name is Kevin Whitley, and I build things for myself everyone.

I build things.

...sometimes for you, sometimes for me.

I constantly build ideas when I decide there's a market/feature gap, or I need some concept to exist for another idea. Thanks to modern tech, I can keep doing this (as a way to play in emerging tech), while not even having to charge for it! Amazing times we live in!

Here are a few of my latest side/passion-projects:

...and I build for everyone.

Once I found the world of open source, there was no going back.

itty-router example (image served via

While building things for myself, employers, or the world at large, I've occassionally needed to create tooling that didn't quite exist for the given space yet. Early in my career, one of my mentors encouraged me to polish one such tool up and share it with the world. This experience paved the way, and today, I routinely share my more generically-useful libraries.

Nowadays, I'm focused on creating an ecosystem of tiny microlibraries to replace heavier options in the lean world of edge-serverless, and fostering a community around this goal. In particular, most of this centers around itty-router, a feature-dense microrouter, designed for Cloudflare Workers (although 100% runtime agnostic), and weighing in at as little as ~450 bytes.

Along the way, I've tried to apply my own small set of principles to development: